At Ormiston Meadows Academy our history curriculum aims to equip our pupils with a broad knowledge of the past and how historical events have shaped their lives.

We teach history through our wide range of Cornerstones topics. Our pupils have the opportunity to learn about local, British and international events.

Throughout Early Years, pupils investigate their own personal history. As they move through KS1 and KS2, pupils are taught a vast range of historical eras, including; the dinosaurs, Ancient Greece, Romans, Anglo-Saxons, Ancient Egypt and World War 2. Outside of the classroom, we provide a broad range of real-life experiences, through educational trips; visitors and celebrating historical events.

Our pupils are taught to be inquisitive, understanding and respectful of their past. By the time our pupils leave Year 6, they will have acquired the skills to compare significant events, understand the links between key civilisations and how these events have changed our lives.