Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

At OMA we are passionate about promoting modern foreign language learning and cultural awareness and we aim to enable all our pupils to make substantial progress in the 3 pillars of progression in phonics, grammar and vocabulary knowledge in French.

In order to express ideas and thoughts and to be able to understand and respond to foreign language speakers, both in speech and in writing, pupils will be taught an appropriate balance of communicative language. We will teach via a range of reading, writing, speaking, listening and grammar skills, which will also meet all Attainments targets of the Languages KS2 2014 Primary National curriculum programmes of study. Frequent use of the Target language and authentic materials will be utilised to facilitate understanding and communication.

All pupils irrespective of ability or SEN are included and are taught French. Every child has the right to a broad and balanced curriculum. All children are encouraged to participate fully in MFL lessons with the necessary support and reasonable adjustments.

We aim to foster a curiosity and enthusiasm for MFL learning and reveal the links that it has to other aspects of our whole school curriculum. ( EG French grammar links to English grammar via exploring their similarities and differences. Links to maths when learning how to tell the time in French.)

Our vision supports and complements further language learning, understanding of what it is to be a global citizen and adds culture capital experiences to our current pupils and once they leave for KS3 and beyond.

MFL links to Ormiston Meadows Academy’s Vision and values:

· We provide Cultural capital opportunities to build respectful relationships and tolerance.

· We ensure opportunities to recycle key vocabulary/phonics/ grammar to develop confidence and creativity in order to strive for excellence.

· We will also provide opportunities to communicate for practical purposes in the wider world for self- worth to flourish.

· We explore skills (EG Embedding vocabulary to long- term memory) and tools (EG Using a bilingual dictionary.) in order to lay the foundations for building resilience when learning a new language.


As part of the Primary National Curriculum learning a foreign language has become a statutory requirement for children within KS 2. At Ormiston Meadows all pupils from Year’s 3 – 6 receive an hour every week with a Specialist French teacher. As an introduction to French our EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils also receive a short weekly session, taught via songs, rhymes and stories.


At Ormiston Meadows Academy we aim to develop our pupil’s understanding of what they hear and read, and to express themselves in speech and writing. They will also extend their knowledge of how language works and explore differences between French and English. We also aim to strengthen our pupils sense of identity through learning about culture in Francophone countries and comparing it with their own culture.

Teaching and learning overview

The lessons are designed to motivate children from the first moment and are mainly practical in focus. They have clear, achievable objectives and incorporate different learning styles. SEN children have access to the curriculum through variation of task, grouping or support from an adult.

Our French lessons provide a variety of resources to model the language, using games, stories and songs to maximise enjoyment and make as many connections to real life situations as possible.