School Meals

School Meals

What are the benefits of a school meal?

  • Time saved in the mornings not having to prepare lunch, plus there’s no worry about keeping the food fresh and hygienic until lunchtime.
  • Children benefit from sitting down and eating together at a table and are encouraged to try new foods.
  • Meals are balanced and healthy and there is variety from one day to the next.

At our school, we…

  • Only use approved suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Buy food locally wherever possible – fruit, veg and dairy – and use a local butcher.
  • Only use sustainable seafood where possible.
  • Only use free range eggs (subject to Defra guidelines).
  • Do not knowingly use food containing GM (genetically modified) ingredients.
  • Take care to limit the amount of salt used in cooking and bought-in foods.
  • Oven cook food (wherever possible) to reduce the fat content in our dishes.
  • Use our recipes with reduced sugar and fat and increased fibre wherever possible.
  • Encourage eating ‘5-a-day’ fruit and vegetables. The school meal can provide two of these essential healthy foods every school day.
  • Comply with the School Food Standards for school lunches.
  • Actively promote and encourage healthy eating and like to make eating meals and enjoyable and valuable experience.
  • Cater for vegetarians, special needs including medical diets and religious needs.

If you require any help or guidance on healthy and nutritious packed lunches for children who bring a lunch from home to eat in school (or on school trips), please visit Healthy lunch box ideas  for healthy choices and pack up ideas.