EEF Guidance for best practice

Self-Assessment by staff at Ormiston Meadows Academy about current practice:

Feedback from Parents

Parent Comment

“Oscar has settled into school really well, we were worried about this transition for him but it really couldn’t have gone any better. Everyone has been so accommodating and supportive making sure Oscar’s needs are met but maintaining his independence which is super important for him. We are grateful for the approach taken and love that he never needs to feel any different or be secluded from his peers in order to achieve his goals, it is all incorporated into daily activities alongside his friends which is such a lovely approach. We are so happy knowing that we made the best choice perusing the hub for Oscar and his confidence really is amazing to see since he started in September. Thank you!”

Parent Comment

“My daughter has been at Ormiston Meadows since 2021. She’s had a hub place from the beginning and the progress Ava has made is incredible. All the physio school do with Ava has truly paid off! School have supported us with everything from day one – Ava can use all of her mobility equipment in school with no issues. Everywhere is accessible and everyone is so inclusive and understanding. Ava spends a lot of time in hospital and not once has attendance been questioned from a medical point of view. Instead we get the school checking up on us, as humans, making sure we are okay and asking if we need anything. The little extras such as get well soon cards made from Ava’s friends really go a long well and are a testament of how nurturing the school are. All staff go above and beyond. We have had a very few minor issues, all of which have been resolved immediately and together. I am involved in all decision making and everything is finalised by Ava and I before it happens. We have chosen a school that is fully inclusive, understanding and adaptive. We couldn’t be happier. Thank you for all you do.”