Primary SEND HUB for Physical Disability

Peterborough City Council and a number of primary, secondary and special schools work together to create a network of specialist hubs in schools across the city.

These hubs are ‘centres of expertise’ to help improve the support for all children with special educational needs and disabilities in all schools in the Peterborough area. The primary focus of a hub is to equip themselves and other schools to support pupils with specific SEND. Some of these hubs have a limited number of places for pupils.

The ‘Peterborough Primary Hub’ for children with physical disability is based here at Ormiston Meadows Academy. The hub caters for a small number of pupils whose needs are primarily related to their physical disability and mobility/access needs. These children access a mainstream curriculum alongside their peers. Children are able to reach their full potential socially and academically with support from skilled staff, specialised equipment and individualised learning and therapy programmes.

The hub offers bespoke provision based on individual need. All school staff are aware of hub requirements and priorities and are trained in areas appropriate to their role. All pupils in the hub have a key member of staff who ensures that the child’s needs are met in a holistic fashion, including working with other agencies to develop provision. The class teacher takes full responsibility for the progress of each child and is instrumental in developing and delivering individual plans. Close liaison with families ensures that we understand the needs of the whole child.

We work closely with a range of other organisations, in particular: physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and other health professionals. We have links with a range of other agencies and companies, e.g. wheelchair services, who we work with as pupils needs arise.

All pupils are full members of Ormiston Meadows Academy and have access to all learning and extra-curricular opportunities available. Children’s individual needs are planned for at the highest possible strategic level to ensure full inclusion.

We aim to provide peer-to-peer support for other schools in a flexible, accessible and friendly way. We offer email discussions, phone contact, tours of the school, discussions with key staff, observation of our children and staff in action, problem-solving, loan of resources, sharing of templates and documents, as well as training opportunities in conjunction with the Local Authority or other agencies. Please follow this link to the Peterborough Local Authority site for further guidance on applying for a place at the hub.

Ava had her private physio, where she did absolutely amazing!! 

They have seen such a huge improvement in Ava the last few months , they asked how much physio school do etc and I said you have your own programme to follow and she uses all of her equipment daily and PE lessons are adapted etc. 

They were so impressed that you are so on board and so active with Ava. They were extremely impressed with her transfers, that’s not something I do at home, so when Ava showed them how she transfers they clearly saw how much work you all do with Ava. 

Just wanted to say thank you, your hard work with Ava’s physio is SO appreciated. Hard work is really paying off and today she walked with just her tripods !!!!