Information Technology (IT)

Computing @ Ormiston Meadows Academy 

At Ormiston Meadows Academy, we recognise the growing significance of technology in the world and in our pupils’ futures. We strive to ensure that our children are resilient and meet the demands of our ever evolving and exciting digital world, by equipping them with fundamental computational skills, digital literacy and creativity. In order for children to have the courage to express themselves through technology, we seek to embed it’s use into the daily lives of our pupils – helping them to see it as an expressive and powerful tool for learning. Ultimately, we want our children to be courageous problem solvers, showing self-worth when utilising technology to overcome barriers and finding creative and innovative solutions to challenges they face. 

In a digital world, we also recognise the importance of staying safe online. We instil in our children, the key value of respect to ensure that they remain model digital citizens, promoting: respect, responsibility and resourcefulness. As part of our programme of study, we ensure that all children know what to do when faced with challenging situations online, and provide them with the necessary tools to keep themselves and others safe. Our curriculum ensures a balance between providing engaging learning opportunities to develop excellence, alongside challenges that aim to stretch pupils’ understanding and provide them with opportunities to apply their understanding in various contexts.