71% of pupils were assessed at good level of development compared to national figure of 71.5% (2022).

Key Stage 1 – Year 1 Phonics Screening

70% of pupils in Year 1 attained the expected standard in the Phonics Screening test compared to National figure of 75% (2022).

End of Key Stage 1 – Year 2 results

  • Expected Standard: Working at the expected standard for a child at the end of Year 2.
  • Greater Depth: Working at greater depth within the expected standard, with a strong understanding of the curriculum.
End of Key Stage 1 results 2022AcademyNational average
Reading (Expected Standard)68%67%
Reading (Greater Depth)25%
Writing (Expected Standard)68%58%
Writing (Greater Depth)14%
Maths (Expected Standard)82%68%
Maths (Greater Depth)29%

Key stage 2 attainment: National headlines, Academic Year 2021/22 – Explore education statistics – GOV.UK (

End of Key Stage 2 (Year 6)

Our 2022 results are above the government ‘floor standards’.

End of Key Stage 1 results 2022AcademyNational average
Reading, writing and maths (Expected Standard)73%59%
Reading, writing and maths (High Level of Attainment)3%7%
Reading (Expected Standard)80%74%
Reading (High Level of Attainment)20%28%
Reading (Average Scaled Score)105.6104.8
Reading (Progress)+1.280
Writing (Expected Standard)77%69%
Writing (Greater Depth)17%13%
Writing (Progress)+2.10
Spelling, punctuation and grammar (Expected Standard)77%72%
Spelling, punctuation and grammar (Greater Depth)17%
Spelling, punctuation and grammar (Progress)
Maths (Expected Standard)80%71%
Maths (High Level of Attainment)23%22%
Maths (Average Scaled Score)104.8103.8
Maths (Progress)+1.40