At the Academy, we endeavour to foster a deep and meaningful love of reading within the children, and it is for this reason that it is central to our curriculum. Not only is reading seen as an immensely powerful tool - igniting children’s imagination and creativity, but it also provides them with purposeful and practical knowledge for their futures.

We want every child to leave our school as fluent readers that have had the opportunities to explore a wide range of text types.

With the recent introduction of a brand new library space, every child has access to a multitude of modern texts, as well as classic novels, that they will be encouraged to spend time with as part of their weekly timetable.

Reading for pleasure is actively encouraged at Ormiston Meadows – a message that extends out of the school walls, as we hope that children will gain confidence expressing their love of reading at home. By keeping reading at the core of our curriculum, we also hope to raise the levels of vocabulary within school, and by doing so, support children in their lifelong prospects.