At Ormiston Meadows Academy, we embed a maths mastery approach. We aim for all pupils to have access to a maths curriculum which meets the needs of all learners. We intend for all children to achieve ‘mastery’ in mathematics, whereby they develop an adaptable and deep understanding of the mathematics being taught. All children will strive for excellence in all that they do: working hard, being their best and ultimately proud of their achievements.

Children will learn to become resilient and develop their self-worth throughout every mathematics lesson when approaching different challenges and being proud of their achievements each time. Our youngest pupils will begin their early mathematical development supported by excellent early mathematical teaching which supports the development of early number sense, giving them the foundational skills needed to confidently reason and solve mathematical problems.

Our intent is for every child to leave Ormiston Meadows Academy as able and independent mathematicians, with the confidence and skills required to calculate fluently, reason confidently and solve problems efficiently using the appropriate mathematical vocabulary, as well as supporting their peers and respecting the mathematical knowledge and ideas they provide.

All children are taught:

· To become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, so that they develop a conceptual understanding.

· Reason mathematically by justifying what they are doing using mathematical language.

· Solve problems, applying their mathematical knowledge.

Mathematics at Ormiston Meadows Academy is linked to many subjects across the curriculum, such as using statistics in geography and number in physical education.

Important Dates:

Year 6 KS2 SATs – 13th May to 16th May 2024

Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check – 2 week period from 3rd June 2024