Admissions Criteria


There is one intake at the beginning of each academic year for pupils into the Reception class. A welcome meeting is held with parents in the summer term to give out necessary information and to explain more about our school.

We understand that starting school can feel a very big step for both parents and children. To help the children familiarise themselves we arrange drop-in sessions for parents and children to come into school to meet the reception team. These take place in the summer term with the children spending time with the teacher talking about themselves, listening to a story and joining in with activities in the classroom and outdoor areas.

In their first week the children attend school on a part time basis whilst they settle in. This is the ideal time for parents and their teacher to discuss and resolve any concerns or worries they may have and for children to become happy in their new environment before starting full time.

In-Year admissions

In-Year admissions are dealt with by the Local Authority admissions team. The Local Authority contacts the school so that we can make arrangements to admit a child. The school is happy to arrange for parents and pupils to visit the school and meet a member of the senior leadership team and discuss the schools aims and policies and to answer any questions. A tour of the school is also available. This procedure is the same for parents and pupils considering placements in the school from outside the catchment area. (The school has an admission limit of 30 pupils).

Over subscription criteria

If more applications are received than there are places available, the over subscription criteria shall apply. Parents whose application is refused will be offered the right of appeal. All appeals are handled through the Local Authority; contact details can be found below.

Late admissions

Any applications received after the admissions date will be treated as a ‘late’ application and will be processed in accordance with the timetable published by the Peterborough City Council Admissions Team, Please note that all applications received after 31st August will be processed as an in-year application.

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